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"The Practice of Cardiology and Healthcare Reform
by Alexander A. Stratienko, M.D."

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"Many tests and scans perfomed at a hospital are reimbursed at a far higher rate."
~ Dr. Stratienko quoted in Times Free Press:

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"Heart and Vascular Care From the Practice That Made it Personal"
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The State of the Stent
by Alexander Stratienko, M.D.

(reprinted from e magazine, published by Erlanger Medical Center, Spring 2002)

Well-known public figures Mother Theresa, Regis Philbin and Vice President Dick Cheney have all received at least one of these devices during a heart procedure.

What is it?
A stent—a wire mesh tube that is used to help keep open a collapsed
or clogged artery.

How much do you know about stents? (Read full story)

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